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Why Birth Centers Matter: An Amazing Testimonial From a New Mom

by rachelanne

Here at Brooklyn Birthing Center, we have been working with other advocates to improve legislation for freestanding birthing centers in New York state. For more information and action alerts, please see our most recent e-newsletter!

When we asked the experts- our fabulous mamas- to weigh in on why New York state needs more freestanding birthing centers, we received this AMAZING testimonial from a new mom. Thanks for sharing your story, Anne!

“To say that I am grateful for the birthing experience that I had at the Brooklyn Birthing Center does not adequately describe my feelings. When my husband and I found out we were expecting we immediately began searching for the kind of care provider and facility that would allow us to have the natural birth experience that we were looking for. We were not quite ready for a home birth but knew that we preferred to not be in a hospital setting. After some research, I was so excited to find the Brooklyn Birthing Center, and was, honestly, quite surprised that it was really the only option available. 

The prenatal care I received there was personal, thorough, and informative. I appreciated the midwives hands-on approach and the time they spent getting to know me and my wants and fears surrounding birth. By the time my third trimester rolled around, I felt very comfortable at the practice and with all staff members that I came in contact with. The atmosphere at the center felt safe and welcoming instead of sterile and cold, like some hospitals that we toured. 

On the day I went into labor I was in touch with the midwife on call throughout the day as I labored at home. When I arrived at the birth center it was a bit of a blur, I was coming into my 10th hour of labor and was really working hard. The midwife and birth assistants brought such a calm energy and their presence and knowledge made be feel at ease as I worked through my contractions. I won’t go into all the details of the birth but I will tell you that it was the most amazing and beautiful experience of my life. I was blessed to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth and I am so thankful that I was able to deliver in a setting that supported me and believed in me and the kind of birth experience that I wanted to have. 

My perfect baby boy was delivered in the water and given to me right away. We were able to stay skin to skin through most of the exam and while I delivered the placenta. My husband and I were able to stay together and sleep in the room with the newest member of our family. We were given time to just stare at this perfect baby that just came into our lives. 

So, yes, I am grateful for my experience at the Brooklyn Birthing Center. I am also very certain that I would not have had the same experience at a hospital. For this reason I hope that the birth center option becomes available to more women and partners who are interested in having a low intervention, safe, medical yet homey environment to bring babies into the world. Birth is a natural process and a birth center allows that process to happen on its own time, in its own way.

Thank you, BBC!” -Anne Klar