CDC data confirms what midwives have long suspected: summer is a popular time to give birth. Demographer Paul Sutton suspects that when the temperature drops in October or November, things start to heat up at home! About 40 weeks later, the summer baby boom begins.

Here at BBC, we have been blessed with an especially busy August. Our hardworking midwives recently caught at least one baby every day for nine days in a row— a lucky streak that started during the peak of the Perseids meteor shower and culminated with the birth of a sweet baby boy during the 2017 solar eclipse!

As far as we’re concerned, every birth is a celestial event— and we are thrilled when BBC parents feel the same way. Here are just a few testimonials from recent clients:

“Everyone was awesome! You guys made my experience so special and beautiful. Words just don’t do justice. Thank you!” -Anonymous, a mother who has given birth at hospitals, at home, and at BBC

“Everyone was amazing, and I really appreciated that no one was alarmist during the labor. Very calm energy and no one tried to talk to me during contractions when I couldn’t concentrate. Lily, Yuen and the whole team were great and supportive care takers.” -Rebecca, a repeat client

“I appreciate the personal attention from the midwives and staff when I came into the office. They know me and my toddler … They were attentive but allowed for ample family time and space to bond with with the new baby.” -Anonymous, a repeat client

“Favorite aspect: I was able to do things on my own terms.” -Jasmine, a first-time mom