This month, we are celebrating our one-year anniversary as a Baby-Friendly facility. You can read all about this internationally recognized designation here— but in a nutshell, Baby-Friendly means we support breastfeeding by providing evidence-based education and support throughout the perinatal period.

Here are just a few of the practices we implemented in order to improve breastfeeding outcomes for our clients and other NYC-area families:

  • We host breastfeeding classes for parents-to-be. Expecting parents who are not planning to deliver at BBC are welcome to attend.
  • We encourage lots of skin-to-skin contact during the immediate postpartum period. Skin-to-skin contact stimulates new babies to latch to the breast, which stimulates colostrum production. We offer gentle guidance to help our clients achieve an effective, pain-free latch.
  • After our clients and their babies go home, we provide phone consultations, a home visit with a nurse, and follow-up appointments with our midwives and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). Our IBCLCs are also available to meet one-on-one with new parents who birthed at another facility.

Many of our clients appreciate the extra support. One first-time mom remarked, “I really liked how the lactation counselor as well as the on-call midwives checked up on me and the baby … It was really needed the first week.”

Another client, Kendra, wrote, “The lactation support at BBC was extremely helpful and informative. Because of the knowledge and support I received at BBC, I’m breastfeeding exclusively and with no problems at all. I’m very pleased with my breastfeeding experience.” 

Breastfeeding is normal and natural— but it is a skill that may take a little time to master. When we began working toward Baby-Friendly designation in 2013, we committed to expand our lactation program in order to provide more comprehensive breastfeeding support. We have since helped hundreds of clients meet their breastfeeding goals!