Lactation Support - Brooklyn Birthing Center

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Lactation Support

At Brooklyn Birthing Center, we are committed to helping clients and their babies achieve a healthy start. We have developed an extensive lactation support program, and became a Baby-Friendly Designated Facility in 2016. This means we implement rigorous criteria established by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, which are summarized in the Ten Steps to Healthy Breastfeeding and detailed here.

Our Lactation Program includes the following services:  

    • Comprehensive infant feeding education is integrated into your prenatal care. Our midwives will discuss the benefits (and common challenges) associated with lactation, address your questions and concerns, and review best practices. You will also have opportunities to meet with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) during your pregnancy.
    • We offer lactation classes for expecting parents. These classes are open to all expecting parents, whether or not you are a client of Brooklyn Midwifery Group.
    • Lactation-friendly practices are the norm in our birthing suites. We practice rooming-in and skin-to-skin care. Our staff will help you position and latch your new baby, address any early challenges, and refer you to a lactation consultant if needed.
    • We offer postpartum home visits with a registered nurse. Two days after you deliver at Brooklyn Birthing Center, a nurse will visit you at your home. Please note that this service is only available to New York residents who deliver at Brooklyn Birthing Center- however, other clients are encouraged meet with a lactation consultant in our office.
    • Lactation consultants are available on-site by appointment. If you find yourself struggling to feed your baby at one week, one month, six months, or twelve-plus months postpartum, our lactation consultants can help! You can make an appointment with our lactation consultants even if you are not a client of Brooklyn Midwifery Group.
    • We are a donation depot for Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast, a non-profit milk bank that supplies several New York City hospital NICUs. If you are interested in donating milk, please visit the link above to learn more about becoming a donor. If you choose to become a donor, you can complete the required blood work in our office or at a lab of your choice. Once you are approved as a donor, you can choose to drop off donations at Brooklyn Birthing Center or obtain prepaid insulated FedEx boxes and ship your own donations. If you need donor milk, please visit the link above to learn more about becoming a recipient.