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Available Opportunities

Fellow Midwife – Job Description


As part of the clinical staff of the Brooklyn Birthing Center, the staff midwife provides antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, family planning, and routine well-woman health care.


  1. Has no midwifery experience or less than one year of experience.
  2. Currently licensed to practice midwifery in New York State.
  3. Qualifies for malpractice insurance.
  4. Has current or agrees to training and certification for adult and infant CPR.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. General Functions – The clinical staff midwife
    • Manages the care of clients and their families in all areas of maternity, newborn, and family planning care, according to the standards of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, New York State Health Law, the American Association of Birth Centers, and the policies, procedures, and protocols of the Brooklyn Birthing Center.
    • Manages the care of low-risk individuals who present at various points in the childbearing cycle.
    • Consults with the physician, according to risk criteria enumerated in the Policies and Procedures Manual, regarding any client who develops symptoms of medical or obstetrical complications.
    • Co-manages with the physician, the care of women who develop problems, upon agreement of both the physician and the midwife and within the guidelines enumerated in this Manual.
    • Refers to medical management, according to risk criteria, any woman who develops complications, which, in the judgment of either or both the physician and midwife, are best managed by the physician. Such transfer of management is to be clearly documented.
    • Plans and provides continuing health supervision and education to all individuals under her care.
    • Consults with and refers to other members of the health care team and/or community resources as indicated.
    • Works with the physician in the care of women or newborns with complications, while transfer to medical management is conducted.
  2. Specific Functions
    • Antepartum Care
      • Manages the care of normal ante partum women, including physical examination and assessment, health history, teaching, counseling, and support.
      • Evaluates and reviews any findings with client and her family.
      • Functions under established protocols for specific medications and treatments for the ante partum period.
    • Intrapartum Care
      • Manages the care of women experiencing essentially normal labor, based on admission history, review of ante partum chart, physical exam including status of labor, ongoing assessment, teaching and support.
      • Determines the eligibility for out-of-hospital birth and/or midwifery management.
      • Assesses women in labor at regular intervals to determine progress, and consults or refers to medical   management according to established risk criteria.
    • Performs the following procedures when indicated:
      • Intravenous infusions
      • Amniotomies
      • Administers analgesia according to protocols
      • Necessary laboratory tests
      • Administers local anesthesia
      • Manages normal spontaneous birth
      • Performs and repairs episiotomies
      • Repair lacerations
      • Assists the third stage of labor
      • Inspects the cervix after birth, if indicated
      • Any emergency procedures as indicated
    • Postpartum Care
      • Manages the postpartum care of women, based on assessment of emotional and physical status.
      • Reviews with the client the postpartum status and consults or refers to the physician according to established protocols.
      • Functions under protocols for specific medications and treatments.
      • Teaches and counsels women in regard to health issues such as, exercise, nutrition, breastfeeding, parenting, postpartum physical changes, breast self-exam, health insurance, and family planning.
      • Records the labor and birth. Reviews the birth certificate worksheet with the parents for accuracy & legibility in preparation for submission, electronically, to the NYCDOH.
    •   Newborn Care
      • Institutes emergency care for newborn, including resuscitation and use of laryngeal mask airway when indicated.
      • Performs and records complete assessment of newborn born in and out-of-hospital setting.
      • Consults and/or refers newborn for physician care if indicated by any deviation from normal.
    • Well-Woman Health Care
      • Provides routine well-woman health care.
      • Evaluates and treats minor gynecological problems according to protocols.
      • Consults or refers to physician as indicated.
      • Orders lab tests as indicated, according to protocols.
      • Counsels client regarding health issues, such as breast self-exam, cardiovascular risk, health maintenance, and care for specific problems.
    • Teaching: Participates as preceptor or clinical facility in student education, including supervision and instruction of nurse interns and midwifery students.

Contact: Trinisha Willliams, Director of Midwifery

Email address: Twilliams@brooklynbirthingcenter.com

Patient Coordinator – Job Description

Job Title: Medical Receptionist/Patient Coordinator

Description: Responsible for clerical duties for Brooklyn Midwifery Group/Brooklyn Birthing Center

Supervision: Works under the direction of the Director of Midwifery and/or the Office Manager in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Brooklyn Birthing Center.


High school diploma with an interest in Women’s Health

Basic computer skill

Some medical terminology preferred

Duties and responsibilities:

Arrive at center at least 15 minutes before first patient appointment of the day

Open office, turn up heat or turn on air conditioning

Check and respond to phone messages

Answer phone calls in a timely manner, providing answers to questions as able, alerting midwives of labor/ urgent/emergent calls, referring clinical questions to midwives.

Register new patients. Follow up on completion of patient forms at patient first visit/annual visit as indicated.

Complete EMR check in and check out on all patients seen for appointments, logging in charges and recording payments, verifying insurance information on file, and updating patient demographics.

Schedule appointments, arrange for referrals, and provide patients with paperwork for same.

Prepare materials for Orientation and Dress Rehearsal.

Copy and scan reports, results, consults, and labor charts into the EMR and verify the entire document was processed correctly and placed correctly in the chart.

Keep reception area clean and orderly.

Restock office supplies when needed.

Unpack office supplies in a timely manner.

Do patient reminder phone calls on the day before the appointment.

Keep the midwives appraised of changes that effect the office schedule, i.e. late and no show appointments.

Monitor inbox for messages and address promptly.

Address appointment ticklers on a daily basis. Clear EMR buckets on a regular basis.

Print our EMR chart/referrals when necessary.

Process medical record request forms.

Create letters for patients as needed, i.e sick notes, edc letters, dental forms, etc.

Follow up on No-Show patients.

Follow up on scheduling of postpartum and annual visits.

Order and organized teaching materials.

Contact: Trinisha Willliams, Director of Midwifery
Email address: Twilliams@brooklynbirthingcenter.com

Medical Assistant – Job Description


Provides day to day medical assistance to the clinical midwifery staff and supplemental office support when time allows.


  1. At minimum – a high school graduate with interest in promoting women’s health.
  2. Medical Assistant Certificate.
  3. Previous experience as a medical assistant or birth assistant.
  4. Supportive of the birth center philosophy.
  5. Good rapport with clients and works cooperatively with all staff.
  6. All office staff members must complete training related to infant feeding education and support. For details, please see Infant Feeding Policy. (Added March 30, 2016).

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepares and reviews charts for the day.
  2. Assures that all lab work, ultra-sound or specialist referral reports are in chart.
  3. Prepares & transcribes received reports for review by the midwife.
    • If such reports are not received within 3 days of work being done, will call for report and/or advise midwife of delay in receipt of same.
  4. Teaches new Obstetric clients how to do and interpret results of urine dipstick which may be performed on the urine culture taken routinely at the initial visit (after transfer to transport tube).  Instructs them on proper use of scale (lbs. instead of kg.)
    • Prior to visit, takes client’s vital signs & records weight and urine dipstick results.
    • Draws bloods as specified by midwife, makes or arranges for client to make appointments for sonograms or other special consults, procedures etc. as specified by midwife.
    • Assists with history taking.


Responsible to the Midwife Director and the Midwife on call in the office.

Contact: Trinisha Willliams, Director of Midwifery
Email address: Twilliams@brooklynbirthingcenter.com