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Client Hand-outs

Prospective Client Paperwork

About Brooklyn Birthing Center

This booklet discusses our philosophy and provides an overview of client rights and responsibilities.

Verification of Benefits Form

Please complete this form and submit it to Digital Billing in order to verify your insurance coverage.

NYC NFP Referral Form

Provider Referral Guide

What Should You Eat During A Pregnancy?

New Prenatal Client Paperwork

Please download and complete this packet prior to your first visit. Note that there are several consent forms and questionnaires to complete. Please allow adequate time to read and complete the required forms.

First Trimester Handouts

First Trimester Blood Tests

Learn about the many important blood tests included in your first trimester panel.


You will asked to perform a “dipstick” test at each prenatal visit. Learn more about why we test your urine for protein and glucose.

Vaccines During Pregnancy

Some vaccines are strongly recommended during pregnancy, while others are contraindicated. Learn more about vaccines during pregnancy.


Ultrasounds may be used to estimate your due date, assess your baby’s growth and development, or monitor for concerns. Learn more about when and why ultrasounds may be recommended.

Genetic Screening Options

Blood tests and ultrasounds can estimate the likelihood that your baby will be born with a genetic anomaly. Learn more about the genetic screening options available during your first and early second trimester.

Second Trimester Handouts

Gestational Diabetes Testing

All clients are tested for gestational diabetes between 24 and 28 weeks gestation. Learn more about the Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) and Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT).

Breastfeeding Packet

Learn about preparing for lactation during pregnancy, establishing an abundant milk supply during your first hours and days postpartum, and feeding your growing baby.

Please also review our handouts on vaccines, ultrasounds, and genetic screening options!

Third Trimester Handouts

Group B Strep Testing

All clients are tested for Group B streptococcus (GBS) between 35 and 37 weeks gestation. Learn more about how we identify and treat GBS bacteria.

Comfort Measures During Labor

Learn more about non-pharmacological comfort measures during labor.

How to Seek Insurance Coverage for a Breast Pump

You may wish to order a breast pump before your baby is born. Learn about obtaining a breast pump through your health insurance plan.

Birthing Center Packing List

This is your list of supplies to bring to Brooklyn Birthing Center on the big day! We recommend preparing these items when you are 37 weeks pregnant.

Please also review our handouts on vaccines, ultrasounds, and breastfeeding!

Postpartum Handouts

Initiating Lactation

Learn more about feeding your newborn during the first days and weeks of life. You may also want to review the comprehensive breastfeeding packet. 

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Learn about Shaken Baby Syndrome. This handout also includes information about how to soothe a crying baby, and how to cope if you feel stressed or frustrated during early parenthood.

Newborn Screening Program

During your postpartum home visit, a nurse will take a small sample of your baby’s blood to screen for inherited disorders. Learn more about the New York State Newborn Screening Program by reading the brochure linked above or by browsing this website. Click here if you do not want your baby’s blood sample to be used for research purposes.

Newborn Hearing Screening

During your postpartum home visit, a nurse will check your baby’s hearing. Learn more about the newborn hearing screening, and about signs of hearing loss in infants.

Pap Smears

Are you due for a Pap smear? Or just an annual check-up? Learn more about the new guidelines regarding Pap smears.

Birth Control Methods

Learn more about available birth control methods at! Please also read this page and birth control and breastfeeding.

Please visit our Resources Directory page for recommended IBCLCs, pediatricians, therapists, peer support groups, resources for working parents, informational websites, apps, and much more!